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Friday, March 12, 2010

Behaviorism and technology in the classroom

In my readings for my college course online I have learned that there are ways you can correlate the principles of the behavior theory with instructional strategies.

The first one is using web resources to allow students to practice concepts and skills repeatedly which provides immediate feedback and follows along the lines of modeling and shaping the skills of students. The second one is using a spread sheet software to help with reinforcement by using it to help the students to track their performance and progress. Many times students do not feel even if they put in extra effort that it will help. If you have them follow a rubric based on how they are doing in the classroom and then do before and after statistics the students can see the benefit of putting more effort into their work. This in turn would hopefully give positive reinforcement to learning. A third way teachers can provide immediate feedback through technology is from using communication software such as WordTrack which allows teachers to insert comments directly onto students papers.

In our learning materials this week we are reading from an online textbook titled Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching, and technology and it states “Students work for things that bring them positive feelings, and for approval from people they admire (Orey, 2001). If we can use just the above mentioned techniques to provide positive feedback and feelings then there is a better chance of success amoung our students.


  1. Laura-
    Your idea about following a rubric is a fantastic way for students to be in charge of their learning. They can easily see what steps are needed to do well on assignments. Students can then correlate the relationship between achievement and effort when they are completing assignments. Students can feel positively about work they complete when the perception is that they have done their best.

  2. Hi Laura!

    As I was reading your post, I did not know about WordTracker. Maybe I missed it in the reading?
    I am going to check that out. That would be a great way to add comment to my students lab reports that they email me.
    I know from teaching freshman, they crave adult attention that is positive, so I hope to get better at remaining positive and encouraging not negative or sarcastic. :-0)

  3. When I taught first grade the students filled out a survey each quarter that asked them to rate themselves in 5 areas on a scale of 1-5. This information always amazed me because the students really took this seriously. Most answered it honestly. In addition this survey was shared with parents during our first quarter conference. The survey was taken directly from the list of Habits and Attitdes poster that is hung all over our school.

    Students come and go so much at my school because we are 85% military. This poster and the matching survey really seemed to have a positive impact on student learning. I agree that showing students their progress over time will moitvate their learning. This is done at my school by allowing new students to compare the grades and level of effort they came in with to the new look on school after they have adjusted to new expectations.

    Kelly McCarty

  4. Kelly,

    I think that survey is a wonderful idea. Did you make it up on your own or did you get it somewhere? Let me know if you got it from a website because I would like to get it.