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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow days

Snow days??!! Living in Northeast Ohio there is always the possibility of having school called off because of bad weather. This week was no exception. Many people believe that is bad for a teacher to want a snow day but in reality I feel it is just a break in an already hectic schedule. The only reason I want a snow day is because I do not want to drive in bad weather. I have had a job where there were no snow days but after attending college for 5 and 1/2 years and currently working on my masters I do not feel bad when I have a snow day. I love my kids I teach and I am commited to them and their learning. So if a snow day means we have to go well into June to teach our children then so be it. As you notice I said "our children". I love my kids. As tough as teaching can be, the lives of many of my children are tougher. I love my job as a teacher and would be willing to work year round to get my students to have that "ahh haaa" moment. Snow days were not created to give teachers a break from their students but to protect the students from the elements which could cause them harm. Because of budget cuts most High school students have to walk to school if they live within 2 miles or less from the school. That is quite a bit of distance to expect the students to walk. So I will say I love my "kids" and will do whatever I can to further there education.