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Sunday, December 27, 2009

This course went fast

Well my class I am taking at Walden Univeristy is almost done and there is so much I learned and so many things I would like to do. The class has shown me how I can use current technology, which is currently available to me at school, differently. It has shown me how I can take a new and different role in the classroom. It has also encouraged me to look for other professional developement courses within my school district which can help further my technology knowledge in order to benefit my students.

A goal I am going to work hard on is allowing the students to do more investigation and even teach the information they have learned to other students. Showing them different ways in which they can communicate this information, such as making a podcast or a video, is one way I can help them to decide how they will present the information. I would then take on the role of a facilitator in order to help them to locate and find information on a subject and show them different ways to organize and present the information.

My second goal would be to take all the information which I am learning and share it with other teachers and help them to discover ways in which this technology can be incorporated in the subject they teach.

I am looking forward to getting back to work after our winter break and eager to take on a new role.

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