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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Being flexable

This is the first time I have ever started blogging about teaching. I am an Intervention Specialist and teach Physical Science and Environmental science to High Schoolers. As you learn in college teachers must be flexible. I can honestly say I have learn that by sharing just a couple of examples. In my second year of teaching I was moved from Elementary school to the high school which was shocking. The past two years I was only teaching Environmental Science and that was all that I was planning on teaching this year. The Monday before the teachers were to start back to work I found out I was teaching a Physical science class. I was shocked but yet not surprised. It is going okay but I am learning right along with the students. I must always need to remember to be flexable because I know there are going to be many more moments when I have to.


  1. Hi Laura I too am an intervention specialist/teacher consultant at my school this year. The teacher consultant part is new and boy is it different. I feel as though I have stopped working with studnets in order to fill out the neverending paperwork! So I understand your feelings when you are thrown into a new job situation. FLEXIBLE is the word of the day! Take care--- Michele

  2. Hi Laura,
    I just saw from your profile that you live in Newton Falls. I am just down the road in Hiram and I teach at Crestwood High School. I also had to be flexible at the beginning of this school year. The first day of school I was told two of my Geometry classes were inclussion classes and I would be team teaching with a special ed. teacher. I had to become flexible real fast or I knew the year would be terrible. Glad to have class with you and when the weather gets bad we can complain together. Today was gorgeous! Hope you were able to get outside and enjoy. Nancy