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Friday, November 27, 2009

21st century learning skills

I am attending Walden University in order to achieve my Master’s degree. We were asked to look at a website called Partnership for 21st Century Skills. This website talks about 4 key elements of a 21st century education and how the elements need to be incorporated into our private/public school systems. I enjoy reading about each of these elements and the support systems which go along with them. One support system which I was really impressed with was about the 21st century assessments. They don’t just go by Standardized testing alone but use a variety of assessments to see if a students has mastered a skill.

One thing that did surprise me was the amount of members there currently are in Partnership for 21st Century Skills. There are approximately 40 businesses/organizations involved but only 12 states are currently involved which makes me wonder why more aren’t involved. I also would like know how everyone is involved in the development of these ideas and to what extent do teachers have input into the instructional design.

I believe as more businesses, government leaders and community members become involved with the student’s learning then the student can see that the community and others do care about them and want to see them succeed. In seeing this hopefully it will prompt them to work harder and to become more successful. It is also helpful for us as teachers to have the extra support.


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  1. Hi Laura

    I too was surprised with the few states that are involves in the initiative. My state is one that is NOT a member. You bring up some very valid questions as well. How does it all come together and teacher input is so very important. So many times, teachers are not asked for their opinions, and they are the ones who are in the classrooms daily. I find when a business is involved simply to promote their product, the students do not benefit. It is when their efforts are genuine that students can see that the community is behind them. I can remember when a bank employee would come weekly to read to my class. This bank would send employees to all schools in a given area and to all classrooms. They donated books and materials to the schools as well. This is genuine caring and collaboration. Is that what the partners in this initiative are doing?