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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Using the GAME plan process with students

The GAME plan can be used quite easily to help the students to develop their technology skills. One way to establish ways students could communicate and collaborate with each other as by using collaborative websites. They could monitor different collaboration websites and determine which website would work best for them. They could then use a blog to evaluate and extend their thinking. Another example would be for the students to develop a GAME plan for critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. They would take what they already know about collaboration and start on a problem-based project which would require them to set a goal of identifying problems in a particular area. Then they would take action to find out more about the problem and what could be done. The students and the teacher would continue to monitor their progress through the use of the blog. They can also evaluate the information they collect to see if they need to look beyond the initial problem to finish their project. As students are working on the GAME plan for critical thinking, problem solving and decision making they will also incorporate the research and information fluency standard as well. The standard states “students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate and use information”. (National Education Standards for Teachers (NETS-T), 2008). So one GAME plan can incorporate more then one technology standard at a time plus it would also combine the technology standards with our state learning standards for science.

National Education Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) located at


  1. Laura,

    Great idea turning our Game Plan experience into something that your students could use to help their technology skills! I used blogging in my social networking lesson plan. Can you monitor what blogs are posted to make sure that students are not posting inappropriate blogs? I just don't have enough experience to know this kind of stuff.

  2. I would have to locate a website which would allow me access to what they are journaling. Also their journaling would be part of the grade so I would have to make sure I have access to them all.