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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Continued evaluation of my GAME plan

Another evaluation of my GAME plan

As I begin to start my lesson for my graduate school project I realized that many of the websites which I have gathered will work well for my problem-based project. I already have several environmental, governmental and science websites which will help with the final project. One observation I am making is that the list of websites I am gathering will be helpful for projects I have planned this school year.

What I want to do now is locate interactive organizational diagrams which can help my students to organize their thoughts and information before working on a final product. The students could use a website which incorporates a web-type organizational diagram while doing research on the Gulf Oil Spill. They will make the oil spill the center issue and then use the outer circles to add the rest of the information. My students have not had experience using the online webs so we would have to do one together prior to the activity. This way the students will not feel too overwhelmed when they work on their project.


  1. Laura,
    Let me recommend Webspiration ( online visual thinking tool that will help your students organize their thoughts and information.

  2. Kaywana,

    Thank you for the idea. I had remembered reading about Webspiration but had not visited the website yet. I will do that this week.

    Thank you,