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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Final reflection on integrating technology and DI.

Two immediate adjustments I will make in my instructional practice are when I start the biome project in January. We will be using online organizers, websites for research and then the students will be able to use various forms of technology when they have to present the information. This can be in the form of PowerPoints, podcasts, video or any other way they want to present as long as it is approved by me.

Another adjustment I will make is to I want to integrate more technology in my classroom is by providing more opportunities for the students to have access to the computers in our school so I can have online discussions with my students on our school districts social website. I will need to be aware of when I can have access to the computer lab.

One area I am slowly going to work on is getting a support system started which can include calling on colleagues and bringing on principals as partners (Tomlinson, C., 1999). I would build a portfolio of activities I have done in class, what worked, what did not work and how other teachers can integrate technology in their class. In doing this I hope it would encourage other teachers to get more involved with differentiated instruction.

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