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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Continuing My GAME Plan

As I continue on with my GAME plan I need to develop a list of websites which have current event information. Some of these websites will be news websites on a local, state and national level. Other websites I will add to my list are science and environmental websites such as NASA and EPA. I currently have these websites bookmarked on my computer in my classroom and at home but I need to have them on a flash drive so they are with me where ever I am. Another step I need to take is to locate the names of people involved with our local and state government who deal with environmental issues. I know I can locate some of them on our county website but I need to find other sites where I can find the information I need. The third thing I need to do is to become more familiar with presentation tools such as podcasts or video streaming. I am currently enrolled in a professional development class about podcasting. I have used podcasting once but am not really comfortable with using it with my class until I have more training so I am looking forward to this class. Anytime there is a professional development class dealing with technology in our school district I try to take it because the more proficient I am with multiple media modalities the more helpful it will be for my students.


  1. Laura,

    You sound like you have a clear plan to meet the goals that you have set for yourself. I also decided to take advantage of the individuals that have knowledge to share. I think that information from people directly connected with the subjects that you teach is a great idea. Podcasts are scary to me simply because I haven't used them much. I hope that you have good luck with your experience.


  2. Laura,
    I posted something to your blog earlier, but for some reason it is not showing up:(

    I basically said that is a social bookmarking site worth using because it allows you to bookmark sites to an account that can be accessed from any computer. If you used something like this you wouldn't have to carry a flash around with you or have some websites bookmarked at your school computer and then some bookmarked on your home computer.

    My other suggestion to you was to look into . This website allows schools to work collaboratively with each other on a specific topic. If you look under their list of projects already created, you will find one that is focused on global warming. It looks like a project that would really help you accomplish your goals.

    Great ideas...Good Luck:)

  3. Hi Laura,

    It sounds like you have a very clear plan as to what you are needing to do. I like the idea that you are bookmarking all of you websites in very vital places. How many people will you utilize for your environmental services? If they are not able to help, do you have a back up plan? Lastly, I think you are off to a great start.

  4. Kyingling,

    I have a diigo account but after bookmarking about 6 sites it would not let me bookmark anymore. Not sure what the problem is so I have to look into it. I also would love to use epals but it is blocked. This is one of the biggest hurdles I have. Thanks for the imput.


  5. Amy,

    I am not sure yet on who I am going to utilize yet. I still need look somethings up before I decide that. I am glad you brought up the idea of a backup plan. It is not something I would have thought of so I will need to do that.


  6. Laura T,

    I use Google Bookmarks to save all my favorite websites. If you have already have a Google Account you wont't even have to sign up...just use your Google Toolbar.

    My school has a group of students called the Environmental Cadets and two of the websites that they use for environmental projects are:

    Hope this helps.

  7. Laura,
    There are many sites that are blocked in my district too. What I have done in the past is sent a letter of what I needed unblocked and why. Then they would investigate the website and usually they unblocked it for me.