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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Final Reflection

One of the most striking revelations I had about the teaching of new literacy skills is the amount of skills that my students need to learn verses 20th century skills which I needed to know when I graduated from high school. There is so much information on the internet which is available to our students right now and they need to know how to navigate the internet and be able to discern what is appropriate or not. I really enjoyed the assignment in which we had to investigate a website. I will definitely do this activity with my students because they need to know that not every website is legitimate or has the accurate information they are looking for. A developmental goal I would like to achieve is to learn various ways in which my students can use the internet in their educational development. I will take as many professional development courses in my school district that I can and also talk with other teachers to see how they have used the internet and other sources of technology in the classroom. Another way in which I am reaching my goal is getting my Masters Degree. I have learned about many new techniques on how to use technology in my classroom and have several of my classmates and instructors suggest websites they have used. I am continuing to look forward to my upcoming classes at Walden so I can continue to learn and understand technology and how to use it in my classroom.

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